Back in May 2001, we released our first record – well CD. The Art of Self Offense by the mighty Powder. The EP had been recorded at Roger’s studio in his garage. We weren’t intending to start a record label, but we loved the EP, and after cold calling just about every record label in the UK with little success we just thought why the hell don’t we just do it – how hard can it be? Well of course it was a little trickier than we first thought, mastering, compiling, ISRC codes, artwork, manufacturing. I took a crash course on all of them… and then distribution… anyways, now 18 years later – big announcement – we are releasing the Powder album on 28th October this year. The album includes all the tracks from that first EP, along with all the tracks subsequently recorded at Mighty Atom’s studio, but never released. Plus the first single Generation Ecstasy, and one track before even that – 12 epic tracks in total – remastered and ready to to rock. The title – Weapons OF Mass Seduction. And here’s the cover and also the video for Wish from the album!