I came across this TOTP performance video today while browsing around YouTube and the post from FFAF on the subject back in April this year. Pretty cool – I guess myself and Roger really did grow up in the age of TOTP – we would watch it religiously every week when we were young. By the time FFAF played it, I guess much of its cudos was gone but as they say, still very cool to do it. Little known fact, our very own Joe Gibb also appeared on TOTP back in the 80’s in his band though sorry I can’t remember the name. I have seen the video but sorry don’t have a copy – anyone know?

Here’s a fun one.
Back in 2005, we were invited to perform on the legendary Top of the Pops television show. Growing up in the UK, it was always one of those shows that you’d watch every week with your family and friends to check out the charts and catch some new music, and of course whoever was Number One at the time.
It was always one of those things where, if you told people that you were ‘in a band’ back then – you’d often be asked (in a sarcastic tone) ‘Ooooh. Have you been on Top Of The Pops yet??’.
Well yeah, that one time – we were 😆 No matter how much we accomplished, how many records we sold or how many countries we toured in – the fact that we were on TOTP was the thing that made our friends and family back home really perceive us as “making it”.
Such holidays in the sun don’t come without sacrifices though (name that tune) – and, as per every other performer on TOTP, we had to play along to a backing track. Yup – miming. I should clarify – the band/instruments were on track, but Matt and G were allowed to sing. It’s all about it sounding good at home, you see. I guess there’s too much room for error when performannces are going out LIVE on prime time to millions of homes. That’s just how it was.
We did wrestle with that for a minute, but decided it was too good an opportunity to pass up. And it sure was fun, and nice thing to have on the resume.
Anyway, enjoy the tightest and best sounding FFAF performance of all time 😆
Fun fact – also on this show was the debut TV appearance from a young fella named James Blunt, with his breakthrough single ‘You’re Beautiful’. You don’t have to watch that, though.
Over and out.