At the start of 2003 Funeral For a Friend had been picked up by Sanctuary Management. They had another band on their roster who were looking for an indie label to put out a single as the start of a reunion tour and would we be interested. That band turned out to be 3 Colours Red. Roger and I had been massive 3CR fans since the mid 90’s. Normally just releasing a single with no album makes no sense from a business perspective, but this was 3CR. We considered it for a micro second and said we were up for it. One of my enduring memories is of me and Roger going up to the Sanctuary offices in Olympia, being walked to the boardroom down a long corridor covered in hundreds of gold discs (mostly Iron Maiden) and sitting down at this enormous table opposite Chris McCormack, Pete Vuckovic and their manager to agree the single deal. The saying goes ‘Don’t meet your heroes’ but that’s bollocks. Chris and Pete became and still are good friends. I guess they liked us enough as well to go on after the single to do the album with us at Mighty Atom Studios. So today I give you Repeat To Fade, that single we released for 3CR.