To start the year off, here is an unreleased track by Powder. Recorded at Mighty Atom in 2001 and produced by Joe Gibb, this track was mainly recorded in the very large hall at the BBC building – what was originally Studio 1. We didn’t technically have access to the hall as we didn’t let that space – it was too expensive, but for the first couple of years we were there it lay empty and unused by the BBC so we were able to get in there from time to time and record. The room was originally designed for live radio broadcast in the 1952 I think. It had carefully designed acoustic reflectors and absorbers that give it a beautiful sound. It is said that Dylan Thomas himself broadcast from there. Anyway the room has an amazing large hall acoustic that sounds absolutely fantastic on this kind of track. The reverb you are hearing on this track is pretty much all natural hall reverb. Eventually the space was let by Swansea Collage for their music course – and what did they do with it – turned it into a lecture hall – eejits!
The video is cobbled together from odd bits along with live footage of the band playing at Escape Into the Park in the summer of 2001 – I recall Motorhead headlined, and Liberty 37 were also on the bill – a great day out that was.