Back in May 2001 we did a Mighty Atom Showcase show at Barons nightclub in Swansea. We were newly going as a record label and we had our first four bands signed, so we figured we should put on a show. I remember it was a pretty classic evening. Barons was a right dive by then and the perfect spot for our first ‘Showcase’. It was pretty full and we all had an amazing time. The four bands performing that night – Stickman, Denzel, Powder and Goatboy. Now I remember we did have video cameras to hand but I don’t seem to have anything much in the way of video footage remaining, but we did also get all four bands recorded to multitrack tape. That tape has sat in a draw for the the last 17 years. Last month I found it, got it converted to something I can work with now and have started mixing all four bands. First up for that show Stickman and their epic track Jack & Jill from the EP Eat, Sleep, Breath.