The second of the American bands we released in the UK was The Smashup. In late 2004 Vin, their guitarist, sent me through their self release and the recordings for their album release. I loved it. As it happened I was over in NY where the band were based a couple of months later on unrelated work. I arranged to meet up with Vin and discuss what we could do. It was a pretty epic night out in downtown NY. We went to a whole bunch of bars and clubs and got absolutely slaughtered. I don’t remember talking much business. I do remember I hammered him at pool (those American pockets are sooo big!) and he beat me at some strange video game where you hunted elk – I joke you not. Anyway – we released the album in September 2005 and the band came over to do some shows including a support slot with 3 Colours Red and The Yo-Yos. Good tour that one – I got to a few of those shows 🙂 Here’s the video for Effigy from their album Untreatable.