Released 21st November 2011

Track listing
1. 200 Scratches
2. A Heinous Crime With Draconian Consequences
3. Eden
4. Adieu
5. The Beating
6. From Nothing Something Comes
7. Sting. Sting
8. Laughter Lines
9. It’s a Mess (If It Ain’t, It’ll Do Until a Mess Gets here)
10. Tiny Pieces
11. Find Your Own Way Home

Produced by Brigade
Recorded and engineered by Tom Donovan at Camp Kuru, Colchester
Additional recording by Naoto Hori and Mark Williams
Mixed by Mark Williams
Mastered by Ed Woods

Additional production on 200 Scratches by Mark Williams
Additional production on Tiny Pieces by Jesse Quin

Strings on 200 Sratches and Laughter Lines by Ellie Terry
Additional percussion on 200 Scratches by Sarge
Additional vocals on Laughter Lines by Robina Wilkes
Additional gang vocals on Find Your Way Home by Sarah Bell, Nik Thomas, Robina Wilkes, Ciaran Plummer, Jenny Bell, James Southgate, Beccy Donovan, Robert Balaam, Emma Buzee, Adam Mills and Tonitia Addamz

Artwork, design and stag head by Tom Hodkinson

© 2011 Brigade. Lyrics by Will Simpson.

© & ℗ 2011 Brigade under licence to Mighty Atom Productions Ltd.