Released 18th April 2005

Track listing
1. Coming Outside
2. Timmy Zuckermann
3. All The Time I Lied
4. Eso’s Revenge
5. Drone The Queen Bee
6. Matawhore
7. Of Course I’m Off Course
8. Overeaten
9. Sharpen Pens With Me
10. Seeing The Girl
11. Learn To Deal With Your Own Particular Problem
12. I Always Knew We’d Fuck

Produced and engineered by Nic Lloyd and Kaptain Black
Mixed by Nik Lloyd and Kaptain Black
Engineering assistance by Elliot Brtany

Art direction by Eugene McMurphy
Photos by Russ Creemer
Cartoon by Ian Storer

All songs and music by Verghese/Hall/Williams (Kaptain Black) © 2005
© & ℗ 2005 Fuzzbox under exclusive licence to Mighty Atom Productions Ltd.