Powder – Day In, Day Out

Our very first release on May 25th 2001 was an EP by Powder – The Art Of Self Offense. Here’s the video we did for Day In, Day Out. It was filmed in Swansea College in Tycoch one rainy Saturday afternoon. We did a promo photo shoot at the same time. Two birds, one stone, […]

The Headcase Ladz – Funky Fresh

Now for something different… We have always been best known I guess as a rock/emo label, but that was not particularly our intention at the outset. We just love good music – all forms – in 2003 we put out this record for Welsh hip hop supremos The Headcase Ladz – do enjoy!https://youtu.be/kep6vXsLa-U

The Spill Canvas – The Tide

In November 2004 we released Sunsets and Car Crashes in the Uk, the debut album by South Dakota’s The Spill Canvas. I have great memories of their first tour in the UK – including in Bridgend where the van broke down. It took me quite a while to get the AA to us and we […]

Hondo Maclean – EPK

Here’s another rarity. This is an EPK I put together for Hondo Maclean I guess sometime in 2003. We used to mail these EPKs out on VHS tapes. We hadn’t discovered YouTube at that point. Anyway this clip has some interviews and some nice bits of video of the band live and in the studio. […]

The Lucky Nine – Hibernate

In March 2005 we released an EP for The Lucky Nine – they were a bit of a British alt rock ‘supergroup’ including members from earthtonne9, A and Hundred Reasons: Colin Doran, Richie Mills, Ben Doyle, Jay Rowe and Daniel P. Carter. Daniel, amongst many successes in the music industry in various bands and as […]

Will Simpson

Great shot of Will Simpson from Brigade sitting in the label office in Mighty Atom around 2005 I guess. I love that he has an Aconite Thrill t-shirt on and there’s God Machine by Liberty 37 sitting on the table. Will got married yesterday so big congrats to him and his wife Sinead and best […]

3 Colours Red – Repeat To Fade

At the start of 2003 Funeral For a Friend had been picked up by Sanctuary Management. They had another band on their roster who were looking for an indie label to put out a single as the start of a reunion tour and would we be interested. That band turned out to be 3 Colours […]