Liberty 37 – Legion EP release

Just before Christmas we shared a new Liberty 37 track – Legion, recorded back in 2002 as part of the initial sessions for their third album. I mentioned then we had a couple of other tracks from those sessions that we were working on with the band. Well we have now finished a total of […]

3 Miles From – Division Demotion

I found this video in the archive yesterday. The band, 3 Miles From recorded this EP – Division Demotion at Mighty Atom with Joe Gibb on the knobs. Having heard it we got a long way down the path to signing them, but in the end it didn’t go ahead. I had a quick search […]

Funeral For a Friend – EPK

This is the press kit that was produced for Funeral For a Friend just as they were signing from Mighty Atom to Infectious/Atlantic records. It was Infectious that actually put this together I guess early 2003 just as they were recording Four Ways To Scream Your Name. Cool insight to the band in the early […]