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Brigade live at Nambucca

Great show by Brigade last night at Nambucca. Excellent venue and a good crowd in. I multi-track recorded the whole show and shot video so I’ll post some video in the next few days. Do try and get out to see the band on this tour – they are on fire! Many thanks go to […]

Brigade – Manchester Arena

Here’s a couple of photos from Brigade at the Manchester Arena last Thursday. I was there to multi-track record the show. The production crew were really helpful – I recorded from mic splits at the stage to my mic preamps and 24 track hard disk recorder. I’ll get to mixing the show in the next […]

Hollywood Ending – You To Myself

This was the first Hollywood Ending video we did for You To Myself – directed by Keith Lynch I believe. It’s from the EP Beginning Of The Middle released in March 2004 – 15 years ago! The lyrics could quite happily be about the Brexit debacle currently playing out 🙂