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The Smashup – Effigy

The second of the American bands we released in the UK was The Smashup. In late 2004 Vin, their guitarist, sent me through their self release and the recordings for their album release. I loved it. As it happened I was over in NY where the band were based a couple of months later on […]

Brigade – Go Slow

I came across this video in the archives. It actually predates Brigade signing to Mighty Atom, and is from their self released EP – Safe Hands. I sent it over to Will to add to the Brigade channel. Lovely bit of animation work this and a great tune. It’s Will’s birthday today as well so […]

3 Colours Red – Pure live at the Garage

Tonight another track for you from 3 Colours Red live at the Garage in July 2004. This time Pure, perhaps my all time favourite 3CR track. I remember Roger gave me the Pure album all the way back in 1997. I put it on and was blown away by the opening track – loved the […]

Hiding With Girls “Rockumentary”

This little documentary was included on the extended release of The Torino Scale by Hiding With Girls. It’s pretty cool and also has some nice footage of the studios in Swansea. It also includes yours truly and Alwyn being interviewed thankfully only a few words 🙂

Hondo Maclean – Amphibian Kiss

Here’s a little video for the Hondo Maclean track Amphibian Kiss from their first album Unspoken Dialect. I don’t have info here on who filmed and directed this so if anyone knows please shout me and I’ll update the credits. I really like this – I hope you do too.