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Cry For Silence – Blessed

Cry For Silence – Blessed from The Longest Day EP released in November 2004. Great, great track. I sometimes forget just how influential this band were on a whole generation of bands who always name check these guys as a big influence. Cool band!

Hondo Maclean live at Ghostfest

Hondo Maclean – Don’t Stop…. Rodeo live at Ghostfest 2005. Hondo headlined the first ever Ghostfest in 2005 on Saturday 13 August and Sunday 14 August at the Leeds Cockpit on its smaller stage due to the main stage being unavailable. 18 of the underground metal and hardcore acts played. It was priced at £15 […]

Denzel – The Lion Sleeps Tonight

Back in 2002 Denzel entered a competition XFM were running to do the best cover of The Lion Sleeps Tonight – the classic Tokens track from 1961 but perhaps best known for the hideous version by Tight Fit in the 1980s. Anyway they recorded their version at Mighty Atom and entered the comp, made the […]