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Hiding With Girls “Rockumentary”

This little documentary was included on the extended release of The Torino Scale by Hiding With Girls. It’s pretty cool and also has some nice footage of the studios in Swansea. It also includes yours truly and Alwyn being interviewed thankfully only a few words 🙂

Hondo Maclean – Amphibian Kiss

Here’s a little video for the Hondo Maclean track Amphibian Kiss from their first album Unspoken Dialect. I don’t have info here on who filmed and directed this so if anyone knows please shout me and I’ll update the credits. I really like this – I hope you do too.

Liberty 37 – Legion EP release

Just before Christmas we shared a new Liberty 37 track – Legion, recorded back in 2002 as part of the initial sessions for their third album. I mentioned then we had a couple of other tracks from those sessions that we were working on with the band. Well we have now finished a total of […]

3 Miles From – Division Demotion

I found this video in the archive yesterday. The band, 3 Miles From recorded this EP – Division Demotion at Mighty Atom with Joe Gibb on the knobs. Having heard it we got a long way down the path to signing them, but in the end it didn’t go ahead. I had a quick search […]