Pip Robinson

Waiting Days



Music has always played a strong part in Pip’s life and, in 2002 she decided to take up the guitar, enabling her to accompany herself singing. It was also at this point that she began to write songs, although it was only after leaving Yorkshire in 2003 that she decided she wanted it to be more than something she did in her spare time. Since then she has lived in France and in Edinburgh, where she has continued writing, performing and working with other musicians. Pip’s songs draw from her own experiences as well as the observation of others. Whist pure and, at times, haunting, her voice has a strength and versatility which draws the listener into the emotional rollercoaster of each song. This, combined with her delicate finger picked melodies, produces a unique sound. During the Summer of 2006 whilst playing in Hossegor, Pip was introduced to Dai Simpson who ran the ‘Mighty Atom’ label based in South Wales. A great friendship was formed and a few months later the recording began for Pip’s first album, ‘Waiting Days’ which due to be released in September. During the recording process she had the opportunity to collaborate with other musicians which enabled her to add a further dimension to her music. The beauty of the harp, cello and piano, combined with the guitar accompaniments, cleverly bring into sharper focus, the quality of her voice and the strength of emotion written into every lyric. Pip’s passion shines through, whether in live performance or on her recordings. There is more to find and she’s digging deep.....