3 Colours Red – The World Is Yours

In early 2004, 3 Colours Red came down to Swansea to start recording their third album Union Of Souls at Mighty Atom. They also played a show at the Patti Pavilion – long before it became a shitty Indian restaurant. the Patti was a great live venue in its time – sorely missed. Here is […]

Powder – Day In, Day Out

Our very first release on May 25th 2001 was an EP by Powder – The Art Of Self Offense. Here’s the video we did for Day In, Day Out. It was filmed in Swansea College in Tycoch one rainy Saturday afternoon. We did a promo photo shoot at the same time. Two birds, one stone, […]

The Headcase Ladz – Funky Fresh

Now for something different… We have always been best known I guess as a rock/emo label, but that was not particularly our intention at the outset. We just love good music – all forms – in 2003 we put out this record for Welsh hip hop supremos The Headcase Ladz – do enjoy!https://youtu.be/kep6vXsLa-U

The Spill Canvas – The Tide

In November 2004 we released Sunsets and Car Crashes in the Uk, the debut album by South Dakota’s The Spill Canvas. I have great memories of their first tour in the UK – including in Bridgend where the van broke down. It took me quite a while to get the AA to us and we […]